What to write about in your LinkedIn “Summary”

LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for professional networking. Closing in on 200 million users, the professional social network provides an online home for your work experience and paints a picture of your professional career. However, one section of the LinkedIn profile is uncharted waters for most people. While listing experience is commonplace on a resume, a detailed “summary” of you professional career is much different.

In todays piece, I am going to review what to write about in your LinkedIn summary to help your professional career advancement.


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1. The first thing you need to write about is yourself. However, unlike most instances where you would refer to yourself as “I” you instead should write in the third person. There are two reasons for using the third person, one is to increase your visibility n search engines. If someone googles your name, the more often your name is mentioned on your LinkedIn profile, the higher it will rank on google search results. The second reason is that this is a professional document and you shouldn’t use the first person “I” in a professional document.

2. Highlight  your greatest accomplishments. You have the rest of your LinkedIn bio to expound on your experiences, but the summary is the first thing employers will see on your profile. Highlight pieces of your experience that are particularly interesting or relevant for the employer to view first. This not only ensures that your most relevant experience stands out, but also that it is definitely seen by corporate recruiters.

3. Finally, check your grammar and spelling. As is the case in any piece of writing that will be public, you need to double check your grammar and spelling. Misspelled or misplaced words can be a huge red flag for employers. Before you even decide what to write about, you need to keep your focus on ensuring proper grammar and spelling. Have a family member or friend read it and edit it, or read it aloud to yourself. Ultimately, this may be the most important thing to remember when thinking of what to write about in your LinkedIn summary, because it can sink your job search before it starts if there are grammar mistakes.