What to write about in a blog

So, you’re staring at your computer screen (much like I am right now) and you’re thinking to yourself, “what do I write about in this blog post?”  The beauty of blogs is you can write anything about anything.  However, sometimes that can make it more difficult to channel your thoughts.

Grace Boyle, a blogger at Small Hands, Big Ideas and Grace(full) Plate, says maintaining a blog is time consuming.  Creating a successful blog overnight just doesn’t happen. However, she has a few helpful hints for creating and maintaining a successful blog.

“The first point is to be consistent in your blogging content. At least twice a week is a solid place to start and don’t give up after the first month if nothing happens!  Much like basketball, you can’t dribble the ball once and expect to get to the other end of the court and make a basket,” said Boyle.

Another suggestion she gave was to connect with other bloggers.

“Consider connecting with them by commenting on their blogs, tweeting their content and creating a two-way conversation. Naturally, they will link back to you, continue the conversation back with you and you’ve not only built a relationship but also generated more traffic and engagement around your ideas, brand and blog,” said Boyle.

Still not 100 percent sure what to write about? Here is a brief list of  some brief tips we’ve compiled on what to write about in a blog that will keep the posts and views coming.

  1. Keep on blogging.  It might seem you have nothing to write about, but the more frequently you blog, the more readers you’ll have. Nothing kills traffic to a site like an infrequent poster. If you write and post regularly and consistently the flow of traffic to your blog will continue to flourish and grow.
  2. Visuals. That’s right. The more visually appealing your blog is, the better. This is the age of information overload and like it or not we are drawn to visually pleasing content. Especially with blogs, having the right font and format can make all the difference to a viewer.
  3. Incorporate multimedia. Many bloggers firmly believe in the power of photos and videos. This, of course, depends on the content of the blog.  A fashion blog, for example, would be nothing without photos to connect with the words on a page.
  4. Polls. Reader involvement is very important and including them in your content is key. An easy way to do this is to insert polls into your posts.
  5. Make lists.  The easier your posts are to read, the better. Nothing does this better than lists. Whether your listing your favorite vacation destinations or video games, if you format your information in a quick easy to read display this will help retain viewers. Consider making a top-ten list. Everyone loves a good countdown.
  6. Keep it current.  Most people are interested in content that is relevant to them right now. The more up-to-date your posts are, the better.  Pop culture and news references happening at the present date are great.

We’d love to hear some feedback on what you like to write about in a blog.  So if you are a blogger don’t hesitate to drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you.