What to write about in a blog

So, you’re staring at your computer screen (much like I am right now) and you’re thinking to yourself, “what do I write about in this blog post?”  The beauty of blogs is you can write anything about anything.  However, sometimes that can make it more difficult to channel your thoughts. Grace Boyle, a blogger at […]

What to write about in a resume

Like it or not, job hunting is something that almost everyone at one time or another will have to go through.  Throughout college you join extracurricular activities, slave away at unpaid internships and work as many part time jobs as you can all in the name of beefing up your resume. So, when the time […]

What to write about in your Twitter bio

As social media has swept across the landscape of the web, creating quality content has become ever more important and the question “What to write about” has undoubtedly graced the minds of more than a few social media mavens almost daily. One of the more difficult scenarios that entails this question is that of your […]

Mired in Writer’s Block? Try These Tips to Reinvigorate Your Content

My ideas come to me on the fly. I’ll be walking, reading or be otherwise distracted by another task and a new content idea will sneak into my conscience. I keep a voice recorder and journal on me at all times, in an effort to capture these moments when a fleeting idea will come zinging […]